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What is the FIVE Capstone Experience?

An exclusive, invite-only, 5-month program for high school seniors from underrepresented backgrounds. They get exposed to essential life skills, inspiring world-class speakers and other peers from across the country.


Impact At Scale

The FIVE Capstone Experience will launch in February 2022 and will serve thousands of high school seniors from places like the Mississippi Delta, the Alabama Blackbelt, Tulsa, Oklahoma and inner city Washington, DC.

The 3 Components

Online Learning Modules

Students take courses in subjects that will affect positive outcomes in their lives: Financial Literacy, Health Care Literacy, Mental Healthcare Literacy

One-to-many Mentoring Events

Once a month students will get exclusive Town Hall style events with some of the world’s most influential people in business, media, sports and entertainment.

Culminating FIVE Challenge

Students will compete against each other and present in front of a panel of judges.

Get Involved! Sponsor a Student.

Invest in the future with a tax deductible donation in partnership with Community Foundation of Northwest Mississippi.
Deadline: February 15th, 2022



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